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I have finished my study of computer science at the University of Würzburg in march 1998.

My main area of research is computational geometry. So far I focused on fixture design, assembly planning and morphological image processing. Now I am working on the Gishur project on visualization of (geometric) algorithms for teaching.

I have been working with Java since 1996 and developed a library for programming and visualizing geometric algorithms - the Gishur library.

  • Gishur - Java library for geometric algorithms and visualization
  • Fixture Design - my masters thesis and an applet for verifying and computing point-fixtures of polygons
teaching.gif (751 Byte) Teaching:
Java-Applets developed with Gishur:
  • Fixture Design Applet - verification and computation of point fixtures of simple polygons
  • Skeleton / Medial Axis Applet - calculates the skeleton of a simple polygons in runtime O(n*log(n)) with D.T. Lee's algorithm.
  • VIP - computes the visibility polygon for a point in a simple polygon in optimal linear time ( JDK 1.0 applet).
  • Sweep-Applets - Two applets demonstrating the sweep paradigm: The classical segment intersection sweep and the more complicated polygon intersection sweep that calculates the interection polygons of two simple polygons.

All applets need a Java JDK1.1 enabled browser. All applets need a Java JDK1.1 enabled browser. At this time only Microsofts Internet Explorer 4.x and Netscape Navigator 4.06 (and higher) support this adequately. Internet Explorer performs better on Windows platforms.


Thomas Wolf


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