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The following applets were developed with the Gishur library. More information about Gishur can be found at the Gishur Hompage.

Geometric Applets using the old visualization engine:
Voronoi Diagrams / Skeletons:
  • Skeleton / MIC 1.1
    Calculates the Skeleton and the maximal inscribed circle of a simple polygon. The applet uses the skeleton algorithm by D. T. Lee.
Visibility Polygons:
  • VIP 2.0
    Computes the visibility polygon in optimal time.
  • VIP 1.0 (needs only JDK1.0 capable Browser)
    Older version of VIP that needs only a JDK 1.0 capable browser. It has an additional step mode.
Sweep Applets:
Graph-Applets using the new visualization engine:
Graph Search Algorithms:


System requirements:
All applets (except VIP 1.0) need a Java JDK1.1 enabled browser. At this time only Microsofts Internet Explorer 4.x (and higher) and Netscape Navigator 4.5 (and higher) support this adequately. Internet Explorer performs better on Windows platforms.


last modified 30/03/2000, (c) 1999 by Lupinho.