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Autor Thema:Can not exclude directories +2
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Beitrag Can not exclude directories +2
am March 14, 2015, 20:27


I'm trying out HardlinkBackup (v2.1.5) I have some questions:
- I'd like to backup my C:\ drive to a network drive Z:\ but I couldn't manage to exclude "WINDOWS" no matter what I write as pattern. What should I do to exclude directories at the root? Also "$Recycle.Bin" and "System Volume Information" are keep showing up on backup. How can I avoid that?
- I'm backing up to a NAS drive (WD My Cloud) and getting warnings as "Cannot set creation time to ..." HardlinkBackup has full access to the NAS Share, is there any way to overcome this issue?
-By default, program creates backup sets as Z:\2015-03-14\NameOfTheBackup\... Is it possible to avoid creating the directory "NameOfTheBackup" ? and use the directory 2015-03-14 as backup root?

Thanks for your help

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